My photographs are on permanent display in U.S. National Parks including Steigerwald and Modoc and in museums including the Utah Museum of Natural History and the Ontario Science Centre (Toronto).

Six of my photos did a five year tour of U.S. and Canadian museums in an exhibit called "Imaginate"...under the auspices of the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto (where the same six photos are on permanent display).

I also teach Nature Photography.  To learn more about taking a class with me, contact me directly at

Before photography, I spent my life in the "music business."  I started as a music columnist for the Washington Star and a six year period interviewed more than 300 major recording artists...including David Bowie, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, James Brown...the list is too long for this page.  I later worked for a record company and managed artists.  Now I am back to my true love: Photography.

In 2019, I was signed to a publishing contract for a book about my life in the music business.  I spent eight months writing "Fast Forward, Play, and Rewind."  It was published on October 15, 2020 in the U.S. and December 1 in Great Britain.  It is currently available on most major book selling sites. 

My photographs have also appeared in publications including

Parade Magazine

The London Daily Mirror

The Baltimore Sun  

Motoring and Leisure (Great Britain)

Why Men Make Bad Pets (book)

The Lotus: Know It and Grow It (book)

Middle School textbooks in Israel

Elementary School textbooks in Malaysia

I have exhibited at

Circle Gallery (Annapolis)

Slayton House Gallery (Columbia, MD)

The Netherlands Pavilion (Expo 2009 in Spain)

The North American Museum (Zurich, Switzerland)

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